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Ice hockey


Are you planning to fit out a hockey rink or do you require hockey equipment?

AVK will help you select equipment that best suits your needs. We will also supply, deliver and install the chosen equipment at your facility. In addition to sports equipment and gear, we also supply and install complex refereeing and timing systems, electronic hockey systems (such as LPS), benches and stands, and furniture for locker rooms and other areas of your ice arena.

You will not require services of any other suppliers or contractors. In our work, we apply the one-stop-shop principle. AVK GmbH’s comprehensive equipment solutions for hockey venues guarantee you the best quality.

It does not matter what kind of venue you need to equip – a rink for a minor hockey team or an ice arena for an IIHF-supported hockey championship. We offer a lot of hockey equipment such as - dasher boards, goals, specialized floor, drying equipment, rivating and sharpening machines etc.

Please find more information on our experience in fitting out ice arenas 

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