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We are ready to provide you a range of services including consultations on development of a project, supply, installation and maintenance of sports and technological equipment at sports facilities of any level.

If you work with AVK GmbH you won’t need to interact with many suppliers, logistic, installation teams, service companies. Cooperation with AVK GmbH will save your time and effort.

Equipment selection

Specialists of AVK GmbH select and place sports equipment on the site plan, then prepare specifications and price lists. During the work the designers of AVK GmbH are guided by the follow principles:

  • Applicable rules and regulations of sports competitions;
  • Requirements of international sports federations;
  • Location of necessary rooms/areas for training and competition;
  • Compliance of construction project to declared objectives.

A strong focus is put on essential human needs like comfort, safety, rationality and ergonomics. The specific choice of equipment for a certain facility is determined by its status, technical features and the set budget. Specialists of the company find optimal solutions that meet the above criteria.




Insurance and delivery

AVK GmbH cooperates with leading time-proved insurance and shipping companies that ensure reliability, efficiency and security of logistics operations.

All deliveries of our company’s equipment are supplied with a full set of transport and technical documents, certificates, passports and user manuals.

Cooperation with our company in this area is convenient, safe and profitable.



Installation work

Our professional team installs sports equipment onsite, lays flooring, installs, starts up and adjusts video-screens, complex electronic systems and related structures. At each facility specialists of AVK GmbH train the customer or his representatives how to operate the delivered equipment. During the training the operating personnel is acquainted with the instruction manuals for the equipment.


Maintenance service

All delivered equipment is covered by warranty. After the guarantee period is expired a service contract for maintenance and support service can be concluded with AVK GmbH.


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